2019 Incident Revelations: Has Harry Turned Down Reconciliation Meetings With William?

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Revelations about incident 2019
Has Harry rejected reconciliation talks with William?

The rumor mill is bubbling like never before. Several tell-all books provide alleged behind-the-scenes insights into the British royal family. In the work “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown”, the author now describes an alleged miscommunication between the brothers Harry and William.

The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has been going downhill for a number of years. As journalist Valentine Low writes in his new investigative book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, according to the Daily Mail, Harry is said to have rejected his brother’s reconciliation attempt as early as 2019.

At the time, the documentary “Harry and Meghan – An African Journey” was shot during a royal trip to South Africa. Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan spoke to reporter Tom Bradby and caused a stir with their statements. With tears in her eyes, Meghan revealed in the interview how difficult she is with life in the spotlight and that the stress has had an impact on her mental health.

In the same documentary, Harry also stated that he and Prince William were “on different paths”. “As brothers you have good days and you have bad days,” Harry told the reporter. For the first time it became clear that the air was thick behind the palace walls.

According to Low, Prince William contacted his brother via Whatsapp the next day and asked him to meet. That’s what it was originally intended for. In another message, however, he asked William to whom he would tell about the meeting, to which William would have replied that he should clear his appointment calendar, ie inform his private secretary. Fearing that Williams’ team would leak the press about the brothers’ meeting, Harry reportedly uninvited his brother.

The royals do not communicate directly with each other

The book goes on to say that Harry’s rejection of William was “heartbreaking” to anyone who knew what was really going on. It highlighted “the dysfunction that underlies so many royal relationships.” Too often, members of the royal family communicated through their employees rather than calling each other directly. The result is distrust and inner conflict. Author Low’s statements cannot be verified.

The rift between the brothers deepened when Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan decided in the spring of 2020 to cease being working members of the royal family and move to California. In March 2021, the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey finally revealed just how deep the rift between Harry and his family is.

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